Server rooms nowadays become the technical heart and brain of any organization. Any break in their operation makes companies or institutions lose hundreds of thousands of dollars due to lack of access to mail, web pages or key data and those breaks failures that may occur can lead to irreversible data corruption on the servers. A number of server rooms were built several or even a dozen or so years ago when technical knowledge about standards in which they should be built to meet high parameters of availability and reliability was negligible in Poland. Today we also receive many projects for auditing which, if they were allowed, could prevent unnecessary losses due to fundamental errors.

Therefore there is a need of server room audit:

  • As a consequence of a major failure, it is important to determine what steps need to be taken to prevent the problem from recurring, as well as to locate and eliminate other malicious threats in the server room.
  • While designing, it is often necessary to verify the work of the designers due to the presumption of errors arising now and again from lack of sufficient knowledge or skills
  • During the next years of the server room usage with the changes introduced both personal, reconstruction or expansion of the object, the need of verification of server room’s necessary parameters appears.

Objectives of the audit:

  • Finding single points where failure can threaten the performance of IT systems (Single Point of Failure).
  • Indication of errors or deficiencies in critical DC systems
  • Verification of object procedures and service agreements
  • Developing a concept, timetable, and budget for the changes that are necessary to implement to increase DC reliability and energy efficiency.

Why we?

  • Our company is an experienced team of industry auditors who can boast:
    • UpTime Institute Privileges, TIA-942 / EPI and TUV IT
    • Activities based on the above standards and BICSI and ASHRAE
    • Building licences in the area of mentioned systems
    • Rich practical experience built on the basis of> 50 projects / realizations and services of DC facilities – i.e. best practice
    • References to similar tasks
    • Specialized equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and sets of portable temperature and air sensors.


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