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A proper design of the Data Center takes the entire investment a half way nearer to success. We implement complex projects, starting from developing the concept in cooperation with the investor, in which we define all parameters of the Data Center, such as architectural issues and arrangement, and levels of reliability. 

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Changing needs in the area of the implementation of Data Center infrastructures require flexibility in the investment process while maintaining high standards of execution.

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We perceive the Facility Management of Data Centers as ensuring the security of critical resources, which requires expert knowledge in order to make the right decisions in the event of failure. For the customer this means the need for qualified personnel with high experience which entails high fixed costs.

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Server rooms nowadays become the technical heart and brain of any organization. Any break in their operation makes companies or institutions lose hundreds of thousands of dollars due to lack of access to mail, web pages or key data and those breaks failures that may occur can lead to irreversible data corruption on the servers. 

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AODC employee are experts in key industries and areas. This is our key to success in building a new DATA CENTER facility but also in modernizing the existing infrastructure.

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About Us

We are a company founded on the passion for creating the best data centers. The management of our company is composed of people with almost two decades of experience and know-how in designing and managing the implementation of data centers – starting from the concept, and going through all the way including design, construction phases, implementation, commissioning, maintenance, and facility management.

We have a unique range of practical and theoretical knowledge proven by successful implementations and certificates (ATD, CDCP, CDCS, TSI- Professional). We know the effective ways of the deployment and diagnosis of customer needs in the field of data center infrastructure, which allows us to turn them into the real development of concepts and designs

We work with the best designers who proved their knowledge and skills by creating the largest data center in Poland. Their knowledge and skills have also been verified by Uptime Institute, an independent certification body. Our employees, as the first ones in Poland, had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of a data center in accordance with the requirements of Tier III, which has been officially verified positively by Uptime Institute. Experience and expertise of our staff was built by designing and installing an ultra-efficient cooling system for the Supercomputer for the key Polish research unit, and also by designing and implementing a data center for one of the most important financial institutions in Poland.

We treat the implementation of data centers as the art of creating, putting professionalism and passion into every server room we make.

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